Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Y'all Just Can't Get Enough

In the past few days I've received two requests from two separate people to do a new blog entry. They even gave me ideas. The first person encouraged me to make cookies so I could blog about it. I did make the cookies, and have decided I do not love the classic Joy of Cooking peanut butter cookie recipe. Not moist enough for me. The second suggested I blog about the experience of being featured on a News 13 story. Ok.

The Saturday after Thanksgiving Phil and I went to Mass Ave Toys. We didn't need any toys, but it's a neat store, and we'd seen a spot on channel 13 about Local Merchant Saturday or something. You know, you've got Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and now Local Merchant Saturday. It's a stupid gimmick of a day, but I do really like the shops on Mass Ave, and wanted to take Phil into some of my favorites. When we got to Mass Ave Toys the news gal and cameraman were headed back into the store. We held the door for them, told them we'd seen them on the morning news, which prompted them to ask us for an interview. Uhhhhh. I shoulda known not to be friendly to TV people... many years ago I saw some TV people I knew at the Festival of Trees. I said 'hi' and they said 'let us interview you!' Don't say hi to TV people. So, they miked Phil, and used a clip of him saying, 'this smells kinda good.' It also happened to be the day winter arrived in Indianapolis, so Phil, having left his winter hat in Illinois, had to use a stupid old baseball cap from my trunk. Before we left the house I told him he looked a little cancer patient-ish. Then he was interviewed on TV. All in all it was super funny and fun and goofy. We got a lot of laughs, watching the video clip about 11 times on my aunt's DVR.

Now I'm sitting here in my cold cold house in this cold cold city, listening to Christmas music. Elvis is singing 'Here Comes Santa Claus.' A few songs ago they played Frank Sinatra. I love Christmas music, and have been listening to it at home and in the car for about two weeks. One of the worst songs is on now... the one that goes, 'HERE come the bells, blah-blah the bells,' etc. That song sounds more like a war chant than a Christmas carol. Oh, and while I was washing dishes tonight they played my all-time favorite (well, one of them)-- that Bing Crosby/David Bowie duet of Little Drummer Boy.

And in closing, I killed one of the worst spiders ever today. I was almost out the door to go to work and saw just a totally disgusting spider, the likes of which I've never seen before, hanging out there on the wall. Grabbed the most substantial shoe I could find, and shuddered as I felt it squoosh (what? I think I'm trying to use a word that doesn't exist). Ugh. I thought about it all the way to work. So horrible. Why are people so afraid of spiders? And mice, and all that stuff? I am really afraid of all of it. I almost called Henry over to eat the spider, but I am proud to say I just sucked it up and handled it like the adult I am.


  1. keep 'em coming!!!!! bring your camera saturday and maybe you'll have something awesome to blog about on Monday;)

  2. Yay! You blogged! I hate spiders too. Especially the ones that crunch or squish because they are so big. Gives me the willies!(did I tell you about the huge cockroach that Phil killed at the beach house? My hero!)

    I just cooked Matty's dish from his blog and I've been wanting to try one of the Thai dishes you posted. I'll let you know if I ever get around to it. And have Mark take a photo. It always looks better when he shoots it.
    See you soon?
    -Kris Lahey

  3. Kris, thanks for mentioning Phil's prowess as exterminator-- he's moving in next weekend, can take over bug control! And Matthew, I'll try to post more regularly, I'll try.

  4. Maybe the spider killing is a family thing. I get the same shudder when I have to kill them. And if Nick is home he gets the killing yell "Niiiiick".

    Yay for the new blog. I love reading what you write. You have such a wonderfully descriptive way of saying things - I am so blah when I write.

  5. Thanks, Deb, but I think you always express yourself beautifully.

  6. The irrational part of me is also terrified of spiders and my encounters with them often involve a little scream and an impulse to murder. But the rational side of me says that I shouldn't kill them but somehow get them outside where they belong and where they do a lot of good things. Like kill mosquitos and what not. So I cover them with a tall, see-through glass so they are contained. ANd so i can keep an eye on them while I try to evacuate them. Then I slip a sheet of paper underneath them so I can carry them out the front door and fling them back into the outside world. Maybe a third of the time I am successful. Another third of the time, as I try to put the paper underneath the glass, the spider freaks me out by jumping around or scurrying toward me, at which point I jerk the glass and accidentally pull off a leg or two. Spider torture. Most recently I made my way to the door, spider intact. And then somehow the paper got wrinkled or uneven and the spider started crawling out toward my hand--of course to inject venom in me or spin me into a web. So I threw the glass (made of glass) on the floor and screamed. (At which my children screamed---thus insuring that they too will carry on my crazy fear). I lost the spider (who has apparently wised up and now stays hidden) and am still finding tiny glass shards on the ground when I vacuum.

    also, i really liked doing the Festival of Trees with you and Jen Covert. That was fun. I would dress up like an elf now if it was socially acceptable. I know there are a lot of elf-rights people out there who may be offended.

    thirdly, i love James Franco. And I am happy to hear you are still catching ALl my Children when you get a chance. You will have to fill me in.


  7. Lindsey, you have provided a perfect example of why I'll never try the 'catch and release' with a spider. Screaming children, shards of glass... I'm gonna stick with the shoe-smoosh!

    Also, AMC has been annoying for several months, since Adam ran away with Brooke. Now it's just filled with these newer cast members who all look the same. :(